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Fabulous Phebe: New Designer Children’s Fashion

Debbie Porter, creator of the children’s book series, “Fabulous Phebe: Tales of a Fashionista,” launches her first Phebe line of children’s trend-setter fashions in fall of 2014.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - July, 2014 - Debbie Porter, a native Texan and accomplished artist, photographer, author and illustrator now opens the door to children’s fashion. She is a renowned fashion shooter and has worked for major clients such as Lands’ End & JC Penny’s. Her love for fashion is longstanding with a degree in fashion design, she took a detour with fashion photography and has now come full circle back to design as well continuing her photography business. Debbie is known for being diverse; therefore, what began with a few illustrations, then self-publishing a series of children’s books, designing and producing a line of on-trend children’s fashion collections, with some uber-fashion photography - all together bringing “Fabulous Phebe” to the launching pad.

Debbie’s experience with editorial photo-shoots and incredibly creative teams, inspired her to create super hero styles for the younger generation. Kids love dressing like little stylish hipsters and associating with the lovable Phebe character. It’s a brilliant combination to merge the two concepts. The quality is outstanding, using modern heritage plaids and Phebe’s signature black and white strips. And for the parents, clothing designed to fit for a few years, along with the option to wear in different seasons, is a big plus. Parents may be the one investing in their children’s wardrobe, but they know the kids will ultimately choose what they want to wear. The Phebe character is a fashionista-tribal chief who start trends - not follow them.

Phebe’s message is to inspire the younger generation to “Dream Big.” In the second of the Fabulous Phebe series recently released, “Tino’s Tail,” she teaches her cat Tino, that what he may think is a problem (Tinos super long tail) can turn into that unique thing about him. In Tino’s book, his tail inspires one ferosh line of fashion designs with fur balls everywhere! “Fashion and a good message works, watching the kids engage with the Phebe character and her first fashion photo shoot was a great experience,” says Debbie Porter. Girls’ clothing sizes four to ten; dolls on the assembly line; trademark in place; etc. Suddenly it seems our biggest style icons are all under 14 years old. Phebe followers - you can watch as this little creative character grows in endless possibilities.

“Fabulous Phebe: Tales of a Fashionista,” dreamed up by Debbie Porter, is now available on Amazon. To learn more about Phebe: www.fabulousphebe.com, Contact Debbie and inquires on fashion: www.debbieporter.com, dporterphoto@gmail.com or 713. 523. 7344